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Founded in 2016, Simple Video Making provides useful tutorials, freebies and templates related to Apple Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). We love Motion 5 and FCPX. We believe that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create a professionally impressive video, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would cost you an arm and a leg to get it done either! Therefore our mission is to create easy-to-customise and beautiful, yet affordable FCPX templates for you so you could make stunning videos effortlessly. And we need your help to spread the words so more people would know about Apple Motion 5, FCPX, and us! 

As an affiliate, you will be able to place referral links and banners on your channels and websites that will direct shoppers to SVM’s online store. You can earn a commission on qualifying purchases that result from referral links to SVM products.
Every time a customer visits SVM’s online store via your link and make a purchase, an 8% commission will be credited to your affiliate account.
After getting approved to be an affiliate, you could start earning some passive income - as simple as that!

All affiliates are welcome to apply. However, certain profiles are not eligible, which are websites/channels with content related to sexual, religious, political, discriminatory, violent or other sensitive matters. We review every affiliate request, and inform you via email once you’re approved.

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Your unique referral URL is available in your personal account. You can use this link to direct viewers to our website, and will be able to get a commission when they make a purchase. Alternatively, you can create your own affiliate campaigns to better track the performance of your referral links. Separated campaign data is provided to help you determine which promotion tactics perform best. Simply copy a product URL and paste it into the link generator to create a campaign. Then copy the auto-generated referral link and share it with your viewers!

After signing up to become an affiliate, you will have a personal account. However, only when your registration is approved will you have full access to a detailed web-based report where you can keep track of your performance and earnings in your personal account.

Payouts are automatic. Once your earning reaches the threshold of $20 USD, it will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account. All withdrawal is processed through PayPal. Thus, a valid PayPal email account must be provided in your Personal Account in order for us to send your earnings through.

We’re more than happy to help! SVM’s Affiliate team can be reached at