If you come across an issue we haven't covered yet, please don't hesitate to contact us.


1. What usage is covered under Simple Video Making license?
All purchases from Simple Video Making are covered under the Unlimited License. See the full licensing agreement here.
2. Can I resell Simple Video Making products?
No. Simple Video Making products must not be re-sold, transferred, bartered, traded, shared, leased or given away to any other party, and the license must not be subleased to a third party.
Exceptionally, Simple Video Making products can be resold to the extent that it is embedded in your own work as part of a finished end product. End product is any production made using any of the products purchased from Simple Video Making.
3. Can I share the template I've bought with my friends?
No. If they'd like to use the template, they have to purchase the templates by themselves.
4. How many videos in which the template can be used?
The template can be used in as many videos as you wish to for personal projects or different clients and companies.


1. How do I purchase Simple Video Making products?
Payment can be made through Stripe or Paypal on our website, and by any card that Stripe and Paypal services support. It is not necessary to have an account with Stripe or Paypal to place an order.
If you make the payment through Stripe, simply click on the "Purchase with Stripe" button, and a checkout pop-up like this will show up:

Then process your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) and enter your email address.
If you make the payment through Paypal, once on the Paypal page, select "Don't have a Paypal account?". Then process your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) and enter your email address.
It is very important that the email address you provided is valid as it will be used for product delivery and communication/customer service purposes.
2. Is it safe to make a payment through Stripe or Paypal?
Yes. Both Stripe and Paypal take security seriously. At the core, they are both very stable and secure online payment processors.
Please make sure that the page at which you are making the payment starts with "https://" (with a tiny lock in front) for optimal security.
Check out Stripe and Paypal websites to learn more about their security.
3. My payment was declined. What should I do?
Your bank may have declined your transaction. If the problem persists, please contact your bank to find out why it was declined.
4. I successfully purchased a product. Where is the download link?
Purchase with Stripe:
If you choose to purchase with Stripe, as soon as your payment goes through, an automatically generated email with download link will be sent to the email address you provided. Therefore, it is very important that a valid email address is provided when you make the payment.
If you didn't receive any email with download link in your Inbox, please check your "Spam" or "Junk" folder as it may have landed there!
Purchase with Paypal:
If you choose to purchase with Paypal, the download link will NOT be sent out automatically and immediately after you make payment. Instead, it will be sent to you within 24 hours after your payment goes through.
Therefore, if you need a product urgently, it is recommended that you purchase it through Stripe so you can receive the download link immediately. Stripe and Paypal are both very secure online payment platforms.
Note: It is highly recommended to use an email address provided by Google's email servers. This is because some servers may block the automatic email with download link. 
If the download link is nowhere to be found in your email, please contact us immediately and we will resend you the download link as soon as possible.
5. Where can I find my invoice after the payment is successfully made?
Whether you purchase through Stripe or Paypal, as soon as the payment is successful, an invoice will be sent to the email address that you provided. Thus, it is critically important that a valid email address is provided when you make the payment.
The download link is NOT included in the invoice. It will be sent in a separate email.
6. What is your return policy?
Once you have purchased a product from Simple Video Making's website, we are unable to accept returns if you change your mind. Please ensure before purchasing that you are happy with the product based on the product description, and that it is compatible with your version of FCPX.
That being said, if you have any trouble deciding or using the product, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help!
Simple Video Making only do refunds if you purchased a product twice by mistake. In that case, please email us with the transactions information, and the total amount will be refunded within seven business days.
7. Do I have access to free updates for the product I purchased from Simple Video Making?
Yes. You will have free unlimited time access to any update of the product that you purchased.
Once the updated version is available, it will be sent out to the email address you provided when purchasing the product. If there is any change in email address, please do let us know as soon as possible.
8. Will Simple Video Making give, share or sell my email address and personal information to a third party?
Definitely no! Simple Video Making highly respects your privacy and will never give, share or sell your email address and personal information to a third party.
Once you purchase a product, your email will be automatically added in our mailing list for update and newsletter purposes only. Rest assured that we won't be spamming you! We hate spams, too!
If you wish to withdraw from the mailing list, when you receive a newsletter from Simple Video Making, simply scroll down and select "Unsubscribe to our mailing list".
Don't worry - after unsubscribing to our mailing list, if the product you purchased is updated, an email with the updated download link will still be sent to you without any extra cost.


1. Is there any instruction on how to use Simple Video Making templates?
Yes. A Help file with a link to the tutorial video is included in each product that you purchase.
After downloading the product, simply unzip it, and the Help file can be easily found in the unzipped folder.
2. I don't have the "Motion Templates" folder in my computer. What should I do to install Simple Video Making templates?
If you don't have "Motion Templates" folder, don't panic! You can always create one. Once created, right click on the folder and select Get Info. In the Name & Extensions section, make sure it reads: "Motion Templates.localized" (without the quotes). The case sensitive spelling (including spaces) is very important.
Then inside the Motion Templates folder, create four other folders named: Titles, Generators, Effects, and Transitions. Do the same as the Motion Templates folder - go into Get Info and make sure their extensions are .localized.
Please note that there is no need to add the .localize extensions to the "Finder" folder itself.
3. After I installed the templates and opened FCPX, why did I only see a "Missing Files" warning?
This might happen due to 2 reasons:
Reason 1: The templates are placed in the wrong folder. Make sure to double-check the tutorial video to see where the templates should be installed.
Reason 2: You are using an incompatible version of FCPX. Please make sure that your FCPX is compatible with the required version. Information about compatibility can be found in the product description. To solve the problem, simply update your FCPX and the template will work perfectly.
4. If an updated version is available, do I replace the old version with the updated version or keep both?
If you are currently having an unfinished project that includes any template of the old version, please keep don't replace the old version with the updated one. Instead, install the updated version as a duplicate. Otherwise, the template of the old version that you used will disappear.