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15 perfect free fonts for your upcoming minimalistic video projects ... [See more]
A list of incredible resources to download free and high quality icons with endless flexibility, listed in the order of my preference. These icons come in different formats - downloading your favorite format is just a click away. They are particularly helpful when you need a .SVG icon for your Motion project ... [See more]

Sharing with you all a collection of free fonts available in September 2017. Remember that moment when you had the overwhelming regret that you didn’t download something for free when you had the chance? Well, these fonts are free to download within limited time only... [See more]
Okay I am surrendering to the fact that I can't resist this font bundle by Mellow Design Lab on Creative Market no matter how hard I try. 94 fonts in 1 bundle. Yes, 94!!! They'll make my videos/projects look way more fabulous for sure. I have to share this with you because they're just amazeballs ... [See more]

Amazing Font Bundle


The ampersand is the logogram "&". Originating from the letters "et" in Latin, it represents the conjunction word "and". The ampersand is indeed the most intriguing character on the keyboard to me, and I am constantly using the ampersand in my design. Whenever I try a new font, I always check how its ampersand looks like. The delicate ... [See more]