How to Import Vector Graphics to Apple Motion 5

Isn’t it frustrating that your beautifully designed vector graphics are rasterized when you import them to use in Motion? Well, while waiting for Apple to add the function of importing vector graphics in their future updates, there’s a workaround that you can use to import your vector graphics to Apple Motion by using Graphic and Vekpo.

What are vector graphics?
Vector graphics are made from mathematical equations with curves, lines, and points. Whatever resolution your project is in, the resolution independence of vector graphics allows you to enlarge them infinitely without worrying about them being blurry or jaggy.
How do we import vector graphics to Apple Motion?
You can import vector graphics to Motion by using Vekpo, an app created by the talented developer Scott Ash.
Vekpo supports native files from Graphic. You can design directly in Graphic, or import a vector graphic made with other software such as Adobe Illustrator to Graphic.
Then import your .idraw file to Vekpo. Vekpo will turn your .idraw file to a .motn file that you can use in your Motion projects.
In this video, we’ll show you how to import vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator to Apple Motion by using Vekpo and Graphic.

There may be other tools out there that can help you import vector graphics files to Motion, but in our experience, Vekpo has been the best by far and we use it on a daily basis for our Motion projects.
What’s your favorite tool to import vector graphics files to Motion? Please let us know in the comment section below!