Thank you for purchasing the Paragraph Pack!

The Paragraph pack is compatible with Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) 10.4.7 or above. Please make sure your FCPX is updated to a compatible version before installing this pack.

Here are the fonts we use in our preview video (it isn't necessary to install them if you don't need to use them):
Playfair Display

If the Motion Templates or Generator folder is nowhere to be found on your computer, please check out this video to see how to create it manually:

When you add a video to a dropzone, if it shows up as a still image, check out this video to learn how to fix it:

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. I don't have the "Motion Templates" folder in my computer. What should I do to install Simple Video Making templates?
If you don't have "Motion Templates" folder, don't panic! You can always create one. Once created, right click on the folder and select Get Info. In the Name & Extensions section, make sure it reads: "Motion Templates.localized" (without the quotes). The case sensitive spelling (including spaces) is very important.
Then inside the Motion Templates folder, create the Transitions folder. Do the same as the Motion Templates folder - go into Get Info and make sure their extensions are .localized.
Please note that there is no need to add the .localize extensions to the "Finder" folder itself.

2. After I installed the templates and opened FCPX, why did I only see a "Missing Files" warning?
This might happen due to 2 reasons:
Reason 1: The templates are placed in the wrong folder. Make sure to double-check the tutorial video to see where the templates should be installed.
Reason 2: You are using an incompatible version of FCPX. Please make sure that your FCPX is compatible with the required version. Information about compatibility can be found in the product description. To solve the problem, simply update your FCPX and the template will work perfectly.
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