I’ll kick off the first day of November with this bunch of 20 free split screen frames that can be used in both Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro!
I’ve seen many Youtube singers/v-loggers putting multiple videos within one screen, and I totally love it. Before I came to know Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro, I had used to use Adobe Premiere CC to create split screen videos. I remember how obsessed I was with split screen that I made a collection of frames to use in my videos, and later I shared it with everyone on Youtube through my channel (You can check it out HERE). 
Now since I’ve been using Motion 5 & FCP for a while, I thought to myself “why not create another collection?”. And after a few hours, here I am, sharing a collection of 20 split screen frames with you guys. 🙂
Here is the preview of these 20 free split screen frames:

For those of you who think making a split screen video is difficult, it is actually NOT at all. It’s just time-consuming! With these 20 frames, you can easily and quickly create a split screen video within merely minutes.
Read on if you are not sure how to use these frames. Otherwise, thank you for dropping by, and here is the link to download the frames. Enjoy!
How to use 20 frames in Motion 5:
  1. Double-click on the .motn file to customise it.
       2. To add your video/image, drag and drop it to the drop zone.
How to use 20 frames in FCPX:
1. Locate the frames: 
Copy the frames you’ve just downloaded, go to “Movies”, select “Motion Templates” - “Generators” and paste the frames in Generators folder.
2. Customise in FCPX: 
Open FCP, under Generators, you’ll see the frames.
Drag a frame to your Timeline to customise it.
  Click on the drop zone to add your image/video
Check out this tutorial if you're not sure how to add a video to a drop zone in FCPX:

You can also change the video’/image's position and size, or the colour of lines separating your videos/images. 
Don't forget to share this collection among your friends or on your social media. Sharing is caring! x