Are you a photographer or video creator looking to show off your editing skills?
Or a business owner wanting to show your potential customers how good your products are?
Or a creative artist sharing what magic you can create with your viewers on social media?
Then making a before and after video is one of the best ways to show off your work, promote yourself or your business, and reach more target audience. By showing what something looked like at the beginning, and then showing what it has become will add a WOW factor to your content.
That’s why we created this free “Before and After Transitions” pack to help speed up your video editing process if you ever need to make a before and after video.
To use this pack, you will need Final Cut Pro video editing application version 10.6.2 or later.
Download free Before and After Transition templates for Final Cut Pro:


Place the SVM_Before & After Transitions folder inside the Transitions folder. (Go/Home/Movies/Motion Templates/Transitions).
Check out this tutorial video to see how to install and use Before and After transition templates in Final Cut Pro:

*These templates are 100% free to use in your commercial/non-commercial videos. No credits are required. However, please do not repost/distribute/sell these templates in any way.
Don't have the Motion Templates or Titles folder? You can create it manually. Watch this tutorial video to see how it's done: